"Nolan, your amazing photographs printed on metal have become prized possessions in the homes of many long-term employees in our office who have either left to other jobs, retirement, or been awarded for exceptional performance. You have been so responsive to our needs. I can’t imagine a better customer experience – or happier recipients."   

-Employees Association of the Inyo National Forest.

"Nolan Nitschke uses his knowledge of both traditional and digital photographic practices combined with a unique connection to both nature and how to capture it to create one of a kind works of art.  He is not afraid to spend weeks in the back country looking for that perfect vista, he can stand in the dark and know exactly what he needs to do to capture the image as he sees it in his mind, and can do so in one frame.  He has a strong awareness of light and how it plays on the
land. Nolan’s work is grounded in the beauty of nature and very much speaks for itself with integrity and sophistication."

-Jolene Hanson, Gallery Director at the G2 Gallery in Venice Beach, Ca.

"As a dentist, I have the pleasure of motivating people to actively engage in their oral health care needs while attempting to alleviate their anxiety. Nolan’s artwork has been instrumental in distracting people from their upcoming surgical procedure. I love watching people’s expression change as they take in the immaculate landscapes portraits on my walls while walking back to the surgical room. Frequently, I can bond with my patients over a phenomenal panoramic prior to beginning their procedure. Most of the artwork that I purchased features local landscapes; as a result, I am thrilled when my clients spend an extra moment taking in the detail that Nolan captures and maintains. It is extremely satisfying to watch my patients be transported to another time and place when they were hiking or climbing the exact peaks portrayed by Nitschke Photography. I cannot thank Nolan enough for his aid in transforming the emotional response of my business and building."

-Gabriel Overholtzer DDS, Skyline Family Dentistry.

"I first met Nolan Nitschke when he was in his mid-twenties as the manager of the Mammoth Gallery.  My first impression was the amount of landscape imagery Nolan had already captured, his colorful and vivid style was that of a much more seasoned photographer in age and experience.  Not afraid to share his compelling images the Gallery has featured prints as large as 48” x 72” on metal.  The attention to detail really shines in a giant print this size.  Nolan has a personable and professional attitude and has been a pleasure to feature and represent in the Gallery.   It will be a pleasure to see what the future holds for Nolan. I can only imagine his work will continue to impress his audience."

-Joel St. Marie, Gallery Manager of the Mammoth Gallery.

"Nolan Nitschke is an extraordinary talent, continuing in the traditions of Ansel Adams, David Muench, and Galen Rowell.  Like these masters, Nolan's photography provides timeless windows through which we can experience the supreme beauties of our world in their most revealing moments.  When we were introduced to Nolan's works so many years ago, we instantly fell in love with his seemingly innate ability to perfectly balance contemplation, reflection, and intrigue with great majesty and serenity.  Each and every time we pause to enjoy one of his pieces, we see, feel, and experience something new.  We eagerly look forward to all Nolan's new and upcoming arrivals."

-Andrew Immerman, Photographer, Collector, Enthusiast

After a day of skiing in Mammoth we just happened to discover The Sierra Light Gallery.  And what a discovery it was!  Nolan is an artist of extraordinary talent and ability.  We were totally captivated by his works and could not leave before agreeing to purchase three pieces!   After further rearranging of wall space at home we will soon be adding two additional pieces to our collection.   Looking at Nolan's photographs on our walls brings a constant smile to my face as I remember climbing Mt. Whitney with both of my kids when they were only ten years old.   Nolan is a great guy to have a beer with and discuss his adventures and future aspirations.  His gallery is a comfortable environment to absorb the creative beauty of his work and discuss the background behind the photograph.  We now have a great new friend in Mammoth who we look forward to visiting for years to come at our favorite ski destination!

-Alvin Weinberg, Collector

"I have been a Wanderer in the Range of Light for more than 40 years – climbing, sliding, and being wonderfully lost (and found) in vast areas of the Sierra Nevada, and have rarely found photographs that capture the feelings of such places for me. Your work is the exception. Your photos on my walls, and those on this site, still make me stop and gaze into them, thinking fondly of the places I’ve been and of my next adventure."

-Marty Hornick (sometimes known as The Lone Ranger).