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10-29-2018: New Releases- Winter/Spring 2017 & 2018

New Releases- Winter/Spring 2017 & 2018

I am very happy to announce my New Releases Gallery is now on my website! The new releases mostly consist of Winter and Spring images from 2017/2018. This particular time was very interesting for me photographically as I was able to shoot such a wide variety of scenes including Sonoma County and the Northern California Coastline, the colorful textures of Death Valley National Park, and the Miracle March winter in Eastern Sierra.

We had such a strange and dry winter here in the Eastern Sierra that it almost felt like snow would never come! Luckily the incredibly rare "Miracle March" produced a month of aggressive snow storms and created some beautifully dramatic winter scenes. But until that point my photography had begun to run dry like the mountains as there was little to no snow to contrast the Sierra against the winter light. I decided it was time for a change of scenery and headed to Sonoma County where my good friend Bob Bowman was a very gracious host and had a wonderful time and lots of laughs exploring some of Northern California with him. He would then join me on one of my many trips to Death Valley National Park this winter where my primary focus became photographing the otherworldly textures and colors of the desert.

My next releases will be Summer/Fall of this year which is already filling up fast with new photographs! So stay tuned!

New Website!

It has been a very long time coming and im very excited to launch the new THESIERRALIGHT.COM. I really hope you all enjoy!