New Releases - Fall 2018

December 2018  |  Eastern Sierra, California

The fall of 2018 in the Eastern Sierra was truly one for the record books. I spent a total of 24 days photographing the fall colors and each day I was in awe of the variety of color and overall health of the trees.

Autumn Ignited
Aspen trees in fully ablaze along Rock Creek Canyon.
Autumn Graveyard
The last of fall color hanging onto mostly stripped aspen trees providing a splash of color onto an otherwise monochromatic scene.

I was joined by my very good friends David Thompson and Bob Bowman for a few of those days and who are always a pleasure to shoot with and overall amazing guys!

Seasons Shift
An early snow storm during peak fall colors above Lee Vining.
Lateral Lines
Aspen trees and willows starting their fall transition on Conway Summit.

It became the most productive year photographing this season I ever had while chasing the color from the highest elevation Aspen in the Eastern Sierra down to the cottonwood trees in the Owens Valley. It was hands down the best colors I have seen in almost a decade.

Sabrina Sunrise
A stormy and very windy morning along Lake Sabrina at sunrise.

I Hope you enjoy this new gallery and beauty of the 2018 fall colors.

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Autumn Ignited
Autumn Ignited
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